A woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown came to WOCC one Sunday. God used His servant to speak prophetically into her life that a change was coming. She immediately felt as if something was happening in her life. By the time she returned home that day, her situation began to change. Within 1 month,  God completely turned the situation around. 

A man underwent major heart surgery. His life was hanging in the balance but God intervened and caused him to experience a total and complete recovery. 

A man with bone cancer saw his cancer go into remission after he was constantly prayed for. 

Our Co-Pastor Margarita, suffered with an iron deficiency for years. She was prayed for and is now healed. As a result, her doctor took her off her prescribed iron supplements. 

If you are in need of a miracle, deliverance or a simple prayer, then join us at our Sunday morning Services.